Business Startup Costs

Jan 26, 2022 |

Startup costs are expenses or upfront costs that occur before the launch of your business and start bringing in revenue.

These expenses can be split into two categories, one-time and ongoing expenses. By separating them, you can create a more accurate estimate of what it will take to launch your business. Here are some typical costs to consider in both categories:

One-time expenses

  • Registering your business
  • Any licences or permits needed
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Brochure and business card printing
  • Signage
  • Rent deposit for your bricks and mortar location
  • Improvements to the chosen location

Ongoing expenses

  • Rent
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Legal services
  • Loan payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Utilities
  • Marketing costs

These make up just a handful of the potential costs you’ll need to consider. Some will remain fixed, others will operate as variable costs, and some will shift between the two over time. By having them outlined this way from the start, you’ll be able to keep better track of your expenses and identify any natural cost-cutting options over time. 

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