Business Financing

What Information Does a Credit Report Hold?

Jul 10, 2017 |
Credit reports contain information about your financial history. They are an important resource for lenders when assessing your credibility as a potential borrower, so keeping up to date with their status is important. Everyone has a legal right to access their credit reports at a cost of £2 per credit reference agency. There are also ways to check it for free, this can be done using credit report websites such... Read More »

Finding The Right Buyers For A Business

Apr 8, 2017 |
To maximise the profit of selling a business, it’s important to find the right buyers. That means looking around for more than just one person that’s interested in purchasing the business, even if they are offering a seemingly good deal. Multiple parties each vying for the sale of a business will compete with each other, if the interest in the business is big enough. This naturally increases the value of... Read More »

How To Take Advantage Of Falling Asset Value

Dec 11, 2016 |
Many businesses make use of assets. These are the ‘things’ the business has, they could be cars, pieces of furniture or buildings. Each one of these things has a value, a value which is always rising and falling. It could be rising quickly or rising very slowly, but it is always variable, and as such its momentum can be taken advantage of. Sometimes assets can lose value quickly. When this... Read More »

Using Financial Advisors To Plan For The Future

Jun 16, 2016 |
Financial records are often used by businesses. By looking at trends and specific product prices, that business can use the records to make a future judgement. This is essential when attempting to forecast future targets and plan for expenditures. However, analysing financial records can sometimes require expert and unbiased help in order to make an accurate judgement. Using financial advisors is an effective way for a business to get help in analysing its financial records, which can help when making decisions about the businesses finances as... Read More »

Need Funds to Start a Business?

Mar 29, 2016 |
Compared to 10 years ago, there currently is very little funding available for new businesses. Unfortunately, the government have recently recalled many of the programmes they were offering, such as grants for new businesses. What is still offered widely is start up loans. These of course have to be paid back, but are usually low interest and often the loan can be spread over a number of years. If you... Read More »