Business Financing

Need Funds to Start a Business?

Mar 29, 2016 |
Compared to 10 years ago, there currently is very little funding available for new businesses. Unfortunately, the government have recently recalled many of the programmes they were offering, such as grants for new businesses. What is still offered widely is start up loans. These of course have to be paid back, but are usually low interest and often the loan can be spread over a number of years. If you... Read More »

Acquiring Business Property Through Commercial Finance

Dec 31, 2015 |
In order to acquire a business property, a buyer must seek a method of paying for it. In the commercial world there are many ways of doing this. With a popular choice being to use Commercial finance. Commercial finance encompasses a range of loans and payment plans that are used for business purposes. When concerning a property, the commercial finance that is most commonly used is a commercial mortgage. A... Read More »

6 Simple Ways to Raise Funds for your Business

Dec 21, 2015 |
If you are an entrepreneur with a lot of money saved up, the only hindrance to starting a business is coming up with an idea that will grow your money. Many entrepreneurs have the opposite problem; they have awesome business ideas but lack funding. This problem is magnified by the fact that new entrepreneurs are always turned down by banks; it is near impossible for new entrepreneurs to secure traditional... Read More »

Learning to Balance your Company’s Books

Jan 19, 2015 |
A lot of new business owners go into the occupation with little to no understanding on how to run a business; instead they decide to make the shift to self-employment due to a number of other skills which are equally as important. This certainly doesn’t invalidate the career move, but it does mean that they need to tackle a lot of the issues they’ll encounter head on, like when dealing... Read More »

Taking Out a Business Loan

Aug 29, 2014 |
Businesses at all stages of their development require loans, both big and small. You could be starting a new small business, which are principally financed through a small business loan, or you could be a well established business seeking additional funding to get some brand new and more effective¬† equipment. Usually business loans will be more favourable in their terms and conditions than a personal loan. This gives you a... Read More »