Employee Training Quantities

Sep 19, 2015 |

Keeping your employees well trained and on a consistent running basis is well known to have positive effects on the operation of a business. Training employees encourages them to keep growing, so eventually and with accumulating input, they contribute to the positive output of the business.

However, simply giving employees large amounts of potentially expensive training does not always yield commensurate results. People do not always enjoy training. Training implies change and many employees will see change as increased workload on their behalf. Training should be viewed in a long-term context, with training noted in the job description for all employees. This encourages a lasting standard for the business to operate against and a culture of increasing skill sets.

Training should not be given too regularly. Whilst a training regime should be in place, giving too much guidance and instruction to employees may hinder their initiative. Turing your business into less of an enterprise and more of secondary school again.

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