How To Organise Your Communication Technology

Oct 19, 2016 |

A common issue in business is the management of communication technology. In other words, organising the way you use things like email, or a mobile phone, so that you spend less time using them, whilst still making the most of them.

To start off, ask yourself if you feel that you or your business have an issue with this necessary part of work. Almost every business makes use of communication technology in some way. But the issue at hand is whether or not they do it well.

One key to managing your communication technology is knowing how to use it.  For example, with smartphones, there are ways to turn off audible or visible notifications during times when you don’t want to be interrupted by them.  On a weekend, or at night, do you really need to be alerted every time a new email arrives in your inbox?

Managing small notifications like these and consolidating them into a single larger notification can go a long way in saving time getting the messages across, whilst still making sure the messages reach their destination.

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