The difference between paid reach and organic reach on Facebook

Mar 17, 2018 |

Let us explain the difference between organic and paid reach on Facebook.

Organic reach is the natural reach of your posts without any Ad spend. So let’s say you have 1,000 Facebook followers on your business page, when you put a post out you may only reach 10 percent of those followers, so very few, which is often often the case because at the end of the day there is a lot of content being pushed by many different people and companies in an individual’s news feed, so you’re not always going to be seen by your followers naturally.

Paid reach is reach that you’ve spent money on through the use of Facebook Ads. By creating adverts on Facebook you can open more doors and reach more people, whilst choosing specific demographics to ensure the content you post is targeted. These are the two differences between paid and organic reach, but over the years, it’s become very important for businesses to budget behind their brand on Facebook.

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