Training and obtaining new staff

Nov 20, 2017 |

When it comes to running your own business it’s not just the customers you need to keep happy. Your staff need to feel happy within the workplace, feel appreciated and supported through their role. If your company has a high turnover of staff, you may want to re-evaluate what you are doing wrong and why they aren’t staying long term.

Retaining staff starts from the first day. Having a structured training plan in place, will provide the organisation with a coherence to the training and make the new starter feel more at ease. Making sure they are happy with each task given to them and provide a buddy for them to give them support along the way.

Retaining staff comes from a happy workplace. Keep your staff working hard by rewarding members of the team for their hard work. Provide events outside of the office to allow for work colleagues to get to know one another in a more relaxed environment.

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