Ways to keep track of your orders

Sep 7, 2021 |

In a product-based business, you need orders to keep your business going.  Keeping track of those orders to ensure they are sent on time to the customer is vital to ensure return customers and word of mouth recommendations.  But how can you track your orders?  Here are three ways this can be done.

Spreadsheets: Keeping a record of orders in a spreadsheet format will make searching and handling them far easier. A spreadsheet can contain thousands of entries, making them suited for businesses that track this amount.

CRM Database: A CRM database not only stores your orders, but it can record all your client information, be used for invoicing, tax returns, stocktaking information and much more. A CRM database can be tailored to suit your needs which make it invaluable as your business grows.

Word documents: A standard word document may be all your business needs. A word document for each order, stored in a system of folders is a common technique of order storage.

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