What to Look For in Prospective Employees

Oct 29, 2015 |

When looking for new employees, all businesses take into consideration similar ideas and perceptions of what a new employee should be. Themes around appearance, etiquette and experience are well known and commonly used in interviews.

However, there are some different ways of looking at prospective employees which at first, may seem quite unconventional.

These new methods of discerning employees are similar to those used already. But they are more updated ways, or deeper techniques of assessing someone for a job.

The first method centres around appearance. When looking at the candidate, try to judge them less on what they are wearing and more how they are wearing it. They may very well have a fashionable and fitting suit bought within the last 3 months. But how do they wear that suit on their person?

Does the candidate seem comfortable in the suit? Or are they pushing themselves to appear a certain way. Why might this be?


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